Paul McCartney - My Love / The Mess 7" (1973)

Recently asked for a re-up of this single, I do it, 7 years after the initial post. A great single, either for side 1, one of his hits that made him reconsidered again by those who despised him since the Beatles separation, than for side 2, showing the raw and rough side of Macca, too rare for me but it's good when he does it. Note that this song did not benefit of any official studio release but only a live one (such as "Soily" a little bit later). Strange these rocker songs failed to satisfy Macca for inclusion on his studio albums. He should have done, this would have strengthened a little bit his records. Catch it here. Below, the official clip for "My Love" and another great version of "The Mess" played on a TV show in 1973.

Paul McCartney often used the B-sides of his singles (or Wings singles but is it different?) to try things and it resulted in the best (see here) or the worst (quite often unfortunately). Here is one example of the former with "The Mess", a song recorded live that shows that PMC can put intensity and loudness in his rock (remember "I'm Down" or "Helter Skelter"). The A-side was a hit worldwide and is a nice love song but I'm not anymore sensible to it whereas others Macca love songs still move me a lot. Can't explain why.


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Hi !
I would like to hear that famous B Side...
if you could re-up it.
Thank you
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