Union of Sleep - Death in the place of rebirth (2010)

This German band is amazing. It's sludge at its most savage, often compared to Church of Misery, but much better to my ears. It's fast and dirty, drowned in mud and sometimes surfing on it. This is their second LP and the world needs it. Quite short (30 min), not a second wasted in any self-indulgence. Rare that a sludge band possesses the raging power of bands like Racebannon. They do it. Not to miss. Listen here and then buy please. One of the highdark of the year. After Omega Massif, Germany becomes one of my cherished land for sludge and doom. And I'm sure there is much more. In streaming, one of the peak of this mountain of sound, "The Bridge". Rather incredible. Not the first to do this style but tonight it's like I never heard it before. I must get old or they're very clever.

tilidom file storage

A nice flyer. A message for many I saw today.

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your favourite fuck! said...

great piece of work! saw them guys live on friday: dude, they REALLY rock!
got the vinyl already, have been looking for mp3s for quite a while. thanks, man!