Van Der Graaf Generator - Lifetime fake 7" (2008)

For those who may think that Van der Graaf Generator, as most of their contempories, are only a band of the past, not producing anything of value since they reform, this fake single, with "Lifetime" on A-side. Don't know why nobody insisted to release it in this format, it could have been a hit who knows, with a Procol "Whiter Shade of Pale" era-climax but with lyrics to commit suicide I must admit (but they're the best aren't they?). On the fake B-side, the other present style of the band, the great "(We Are) Not There" song closing the Trisector LP. Cos' there is nothing rare here, both songs are on the LP, but if you don't know what's doing the band (now a trio) now, a way to discover it. Then get the album. The new one is on the way to be released and this band is one of the rares to make me impatient to hear what's they'll do next. Maybe the only one actually. Taste it here. The cover sleeve is one of the most terrifying drawing of Kubin. Perfect for the lyrics.

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I can remember it so well, the bed of roses where we lay, the crown of thorns I was so keen to give away. All the warning signs ignored, the passion's played. I could foresee what was to come, I had a sense of what might happen. The river runs and very rapidly becomes a torrent, sweeping us towards our ricochet. It takes a lifetime to unravel all the threads that have tied us in our webs of tourniquet. I stake no claim on memory. I stand on ceremonial quicksand. I look for something with solidity to hold: something lasting, something pristine, with no sense of decay. Can you remember how that was? Can you remember? It takes a lifetime's understanding of the flow to surrender, let the current sweep you away. What if I'd told you I would never let you go, I would hold you every step along the way. It takes a lifetime to unlearn all that you know to return the things you borrowed for a day.

A live(time) version

(We Are) Not Here
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