Alternative TV - A Bangkok Radio Session fake 7" (1986)

It seems my Alternative TV posts have been efficient to gain some to this lost-battle cause (at least maybe not). So here the first of some more re-ups. I won't re-up anything that could be a prejudice for Mark Perry and will delete everything he will ask me to. And meanwhile buy the last Alternative LP, it's one of the best album of the year so far. More about this radio recording below. Catch it here.

And now a personal pleasure: creating a fake A-only side single with an ATV track recorded in 1986, with the personal of the Peep Show album, during a radio session in Bangkok (the reason I chose these pictures for the front and back sleeves, taken from this site here, without any courtesy I must confess). A very different kind of music that usually plays the band across its various personifications. Much rockier, not far from the Fall at the same period, but always with this superior emotion power that Mark Perry puts into his music compared to Mr Smith. More than 7 min of greatness by a band I never stopped to cherish since it was born. This track can be found on the rather heterogeneous The Radio Sessions album released by Overground records almost a decade ago. This before a real rarity I'll offer to you very soon from the same band.

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