Buzzov.en - Hate Box 7" (1992)

Today I received the most stupid comment since this blog exists. I answered but to find some use to this comment, I decided to re-up this single. I could have improved a little bit more my ripp but I'm short of time these days. It will be better in some weeks, so be patient (except my famous commentator that is adviced not to put any word on this blog since they will be deleted, I'm not here to read such crap). Catch it here. PS. Incredible, I had posted this single exactly 5 years ago (December the 4th).

Before Wound (here), there was this single known under the name of Hate Box although the A-side was occupied by Fade/On Your Knees. It's the testimony of the band as it was at the onset of his stunning short career. I took it from my own vinyl single. The sound is the best I could do. There was another site that previously ripped it and uploaded it but I forgot which one. Comparing my to their sound capture, I can say that if the sound volume is lower in mine, the quality is quite better and the format in 320 kb. Don't think these 2 titles were released on CD format on any compilation but I can have missed it. So if this is the case, wrong shot.

Fade/On Your Knees
tilidom file storage


Anonymous said...

this page is pointless, why do you feel the need to do this..show off like a show off.. your old records and shit..are people out there actually saying WOW or something..I dont get it..is it for some classroom history lesson on doom punk ...what is this shitty blog crap..fuck you...

dkelvin said...

your comment is completely pointless. I should erase it but I want my visitors to see what kind of silly comments I can get.
All stuff on here can be dl to get it and listen to it when most of it is hard to find. If you don't get the point you're a dumb asshole. And I think you are. Fuck off and don't pollute this place. Many like it and want to find it clean.
Good you stayed anonymous.

Bob Mac said...

Don't let this tossbag spoil your day man. The internet is full of jerkoffs like this. They cruise around dishing out insults but they wouldn't have the guts to say anything like this to someone's face. The person who made this anonymous post is probably a buck-toothed halfwit with severe halitosis who sits all day at his computer with his dick in his hand.

Peace, keep up the good work, I enjoy dropping by your blog for a look around.

Bob Mac.

Ian said...

Quite funny, actually. Pathetic in its intent, hilarious in its execution. I second Bob Mac's post.

Thanks for the great work keeping vital the music of artists that can too easily slip of the collective radar. And for doing so with your personal insights and panache.


Great post of the Saints International Robot Sessions. I remember hearing Eternally Yours for the first time and getting the same feeling in my gut as I did hearing Raw Power. A desert island disc in these quarters.

musicyoucan said...

Pour le mail pré-cité, c'est un exemple type de la bêtise et de la méchanceté. Comme il le dit si bien, qu'il aille se ...
Votre blog est très bien et si cela ne lui plait pas, rien ne l'oblige à déverser sa bile.
Encore merci et bonne suite

dkelvin said...

Thanks to those who gave me some reward after the hate-comment I received. Not that it's so important to be spat-on by an anonymous hater, but sometimes I wonder what the fuck about this blog (wtf to consume so much time on it) and this may enhance this thought if I got more of it. But there's so much great music to share, I won't stop. More to come (with improved sound for the re(up I hope)

Anonymous said...

So how to download Buzzov.en - Hate Box 7" (1992)?