Buzzov.en - Never Again / Useless (1996)

In 1996, Buzzov.en released its first real single since previous 7" were EPs. The band was no more in the wake of its Roadrunner contract and things were beginning to turn bad. But this single is great, with "Never Again" being their most Black Sabbath track to date and "Useless" a sort of sludgy Stooges song that is now a sort of classic. There will be another version of this song on the At A Loss LP released 2 years later with Bill Anderson. Unfortunately, I do not possess this 7" and I had to find it elsewhere, not very well ripped (in 128 kb only) but anyway it's a great addition to your collection if you do one, and you should. Hate music forever, until hate will kill ourselves. Eat and hear this hate here. Beware, it's in MP4. Just convert it with appropriate free software if needed.

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