Buzzov.en - Unwilling to Explain (1994)

The 3rd single from Buzzov.en. Unfortunately the 3 songs are driven from the Sore LP released the same year so no rare track here. If "Behaved" and "Done" are less sludgy and more Stoogesy than the usual genre of the band, "Hollow" is nothing less than a masterpiece of sludge punk, one of the milestone of hate rock. Signed by the Roadrunner label, it seemed (and I feared) that the band would become more conventional (it was the sad destiny of bands signed by this label) but it would not be the case and honestly, I think the RR staff might have been quite deceived by what they heard on Sore. How make of such a band a big seller? Impossible. And actually this single was released by the Allied label, although songs were on Sore. Surely an explanation to this strangeness but according to the title, they were unwilling to explain. I hope you will listen and dl it here.

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