Death in June - Peaceful Snow / The Maverick Chamber 7" (2010)

I honestly did not care about Death in June during the last 20 years. But this month, an LP is released under this name with Douglas Pearce, the only permanent member of this patronyme on vocals and a pianist called Miro Snejdr, the pianist of Folk Grinder (see myspace here) and it's really a masterpiece, one of these albums that'll stay a long long time near me whenever something fishing in my deep inner ocean will be needed. This double CD was announced by this 2 songs-single I post here. I could have posted the whole Peaceful Snow/Lounge Corps dble CD since it can be found on several blogs but this is not the philosophy of Forgotten Songs (although I admit to post several new LPs here). So don't hesitate to listen to it and I'm sure many among you will buy it then. I know there are a lot of controversies about Douglas Pearce, but when someone can create such strong songs, I really don't care. If you are in Simon Finn, the Eno of Taking Tiger Montain by Strategy, Leonard Cohen and of course all the neo-folk movement, you can't miss it. Taste the 2 songs of this single here.

The Maverick Chamber

tilidom file storage

And one of my fave songs on the album, A Nausea

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