Double Space - The Rock / Bent 12" (2010)

Gosh, this band kills, sludge at its most destructive, efficient, sapid, jubilatory, erectile (don't even know if all these words exist in English but don't care). It's High on Fire meeting Unsane meeting EyeHateGod, but more powerful than the 3 together. This Danish trio (my name is dk but I'm not Danish, only a coincidence) is 7 years old it's said in the bio (reproduced in the rar file I post) but this seems to be their first real own recording and it's a landmark for those who love to have their ears and brain sound-blasted (I guess most of you dear visitor, except if you come here only for my oldies). Don't miss it please, they deserve to be massive as is their music. I would like to see them live, it must be something (it is said that they did gigs with Unsane, I imagine the way you must feel after 2 bands like that). And the cover sleeve is a welcome change in a rather uniformized imagery world. Take it here and buy it then via their myspace there.

The Rock
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Anonymous said...

Awesome post!

dk, you write: "It's High on Fire meeting Unsane meeting EyeHateGod, but MOST powerful than the 3 TOGETHER"

Do you mean: "It's High on Fire meeting Unsane meeting EyeHateGod, but MORE powerful than the 3 COMBINED"?

I'm not a native English speaker myself, so I'm just asking! :)

dk said...

Yes, I meant that. I do a lot of grammatical errors. Often, I don't read after posting and miss them. Thx to tell. I change it.