Forgotten Songs - 2010 Bloody Hell Faves (Best of 2010)

Here's the compilation of my favourite pieces of doom-sludge or assimilated music of this year. I didn't try to put a particular number of tracks nor a particular lenght nor a sample of all the bands I preferred this year (eg. no Gnaw Their Tongues although it's one of the best LP of the year) but only a crude choice of the tracks that I found the most fascinating, powerful, innovative or ear-destroying. In that game, only 7 players survived. It's about 60 min of music. Not a weak second. Here's a faithfull (what a word for doom) insight in my way to consider great music in 2010. It might change but I'm an age things become fix until death. Hope you'll find this post of some interest. Kill this damned year pleasantly here. The cover sleeve is made with the picture I liked the best this year, one from the great Raven StarblOOd (or BlOOdbathory), a New Zealand model that provided an incredible amount of splendid iconography for macabre music here. Many more pictures from her on Scoptophilia in the further weeks. I dedicate this compilation to her since I know she's not in great mood and health condition. Hope she'll recover soon.

Thou - By Endurance We Conquer
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Raven said...

Sweet!!! Is there a way I can get a copy of this? I'd really love one for my collection

dk said...

Oh, what a great pleasure and privilege to have a nice comment from you Raven. I really dig your visual world as you can judge by a look on my other blog here http://scoptophilia.blogspot.com/search/label/Raven%20Starblood
Unfortunately, this compilation is only a MP3 one and the cover sleeve a virtual one. I would love to have it in a solid form such as a CD or vinyl but I can't afford it.
Hope you are well and you'll offer us many more pictures series and maybe be recognised for what you are : a great personality

Raven said...

Awww well ok...If you ever make it into a real copy, don't forget me! I do appreciate all you have done on your fantastic blog, and I'll be dropping by often :-)