Forgotten Songs - Songs not to forget (Best of 2010)

Here are my fave songs of the year. They are 12. The first and last are instrumentals from the Portal of Sorrow Xasthur album and can't be considered as songs per se, but do splendids intro and outro for this fake LP as they do for the real Xasthur LP. There is no doom or sludge tracks here. It will be for another compilation, if I have the energy and envy to do it. Each of the songs of this compilation , in their very varied styles, has been my musical friend (help I might say) at a moment or another of the year during ups (too few) and downs (too much). They will be associated in my memory to this year. Some of them will surely stay with me longer, some won't. Difficult to say which ones. But in a whole, they tell a lot on my vision of music, and who knows of life. And you're authorized to don't care since I don't even know if I care myself. I tried to chose a fine order for this compilation but of course, it could surely be improved. Taste it here this 2010 epitaph if you feel to. In streaming I put one of the rare songs I didn't post in this blog previously.

TV Personalities - She's My Yoko

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