Free - Broad Daylight 7" (1969)

The first of a series of posts on the singles discography of one of my fave 70's band (and more widely, of any period): Free. We begin with a single, drawn from their second LP only entitled Free, and released in March 1969 (it seems "I'm A Mover b/wWorry" from the Tons of Sobs LP was also released but only as a promotional copy). The choice of the song was quite strange (not bad but did Free did any bad song?) and it failed to chart. The B-side was a non-album track called "The Worm". All this has been now issued on the remastered versions of the albums but it was long impossible to find them. Why being so fond o f this band? Maybe because there is something totally idiosyncrasic in their approach of the blues, each member being a band in himself, the whole always being on the edge of collapsing but never falling. Each song seems a tour-de-force. No formula, no "routine", they were blues sculptors even if in doing that they invented another music, the less rooty of all the bluesboom movement maybe. And their followers all betrayed them in mimicking, without half of their genius, what they created. So many plagiarists it would be tedious to name them all. But all have missed the point: Free has never been a hard rock or a rock 'n' roll band, their atmosphere are moody, even doomy, and the rock 'n' roll circus and the rebel posture have nothing to do with them. They took their shti damn seriously and it was the alchemy of these 4 geniuses that gave birth to such an incredible music. Separated they became totally ordinary (compare Free to Sharks, Bad Company or Back Street Crawlers to verify). I bet you all know the songs I'll post (but I'll try to post the singles versions, often different of the LP ones), but anyway, if you missed one single, take the first here on the single compilation. Since there was no cover sleeve for this single, I did one with the inner sleeve of the LP.

The Worm
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