Free - I'll Be Creeping / Sugar For Mr Morrison (1969)

Only 3 months after the failure of the "Broad Daylight" single, Island released another single from the band, and the choice was much better since it was what will remain as one of their most elegant and vicious riff (but is it a riff?), "I'll Be Creeping". This one will fail again. Surely it was too subtle for the period (and for any period since I don't believe it could have been a hit anytime in rock history). If there is one Free song that should not be forgotten, this is the one (actually there are many that should not be forgotten so my sentence is rather dumb). The B-side was a non album intrumental track (but the Free album on which these A-sides were to be found will be released only in October the same year), very unusual for Free cos' mainly influenced by Cream, and more specifically another hero of mine, Jack Bruce (Andy Fraser tries clearly to imitate him, but fails to match his model while Paul Kossoff is for me a much more exciting soloist than Clapton, and I won't talk about the drums, Simon Kirke being one of my favorite drummers while Ginger Baker usually quite sucks). The title probably deals with the famous Jim and I guess what's the sugar is but when you know how Paul Kossoff was stuck to dope, it's a little strange. Too many words, now, go to the music freely here on the single compilation.

Below the song with the lyrics in the window

A live version played at TV in 1970

Sugar for Mr Morrison
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Tony said...

I just came across your post and I thought I'd clarify something. The Mr. Morrison referred to in the title was Bryan Morrison, who was Free's manager in the late sixties. He was ripping them off so Free came up with this tune, the sugar actually being cash. This story was told to me by Paul Kossoff's mother in 1981. :-)

dkelvin said...

OK. Thx for the precision. I'll erase my wrong supputation

Anonymous said...

I saw Cream blind faith and Bad Co. While KIrke is an adequate drummer.he,s no ginger baker. Seen both Baker while an As whole,is 20 times KIrkes Superior

DJP said...

I know nothing about anything when it comes to music-my opinion May well be valueless -but I hope it isn't vacuum-less , sure enough when required to deliver Kirk could provide a storm trooping onslaughts of noise ,but Simon was about so much more than that ,he could lead you into a song and take you along the journey without you even realising he was there-he was pushing and pulling you into the music -yet unseen ,he knew as much when not to play as when to play-this guy was never looking for the medals-he just wanted everybody to get back home, his use of symbols was sublime , when I go for a drink it may be nice having it served by an attractive barmaid -but it just won't taste as good without the quiet unassuming guy in the background cleaning those pipes.

DJP Kickering