Godstopper - Untitled EP (2010)

My last coup-de-coeur of the year probably. A one-man-band from Toronto who seemed to become a real band recently in order to tour. At last, something really new, innovative, building a new structure in music, with many influences of course (Khanate, the early Sonic Youth, Unsane, Drive Like Jehu, the Swans, Psyche-garage-60's bands) but so singular in their agency that Godstopper brings really something new to our ears. No best news in this end of year. It's not easy listening, but who cares. Music is one of the rare things in life that makes me think that life is worth the trying. And this kind of records contributes strongly to this feeling. Don't miss it. Even if you first think it's not your cuppa teeth, bite in it again. You'll be addict soon. Not far to be the best thing that occured in rock this year. Thanx to Drowning Earth for the discovery. Their bandcamp's here. PS. The cover sleeve is not mine. I just changed a bit the colours and added the name with the police they use. The thing is here.

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