Grief - Depression EP (1992)

With Asbestosdeath, FuManChu and Neanderthal, here one of the most important 7 inch EP of the sludge movement. Muddy as few before them, this is pure dereliction rock. Many found this to be the borderline they couldn't cross and considered it was only shit. Me not. It became one of my depressive period sonor companionship for some months. And I think it is a milestone in its domain. The cover sleeve was totally about the track "Fleshpress", that's mean about extermination camps and the 6 millions jews (and gays, gypsies...) murdered, killed, reduced in ashes through gas chambers. Contrary to other sludge bands, here there was no unsane indulgence for the horror they described, but a true empathy and denonciation. This made of Grief a band I really found more interesting than most although they might be less impressive musically. This is a small contribution to their important one to a style I like above anything: sludge. I won't say enjoy it here, cos' the word would be indecent, but anyway, get it here.

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Below, one of the most terrible picture even taken in this awful period and included in the inner sleeve of the EP.

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