Lal Waterson - Once in a Blue Moon (1996)

A re-up of this wonderful album on request of a visitor. Listening to it tonight, I find in the music something of Everything But The Girl (not the voice, but the way guitars and chords are played, and the general atmosphere). With Melanie and Mandy Morton another never to forget artist for sure. Catch her here.

A limited vinyl edition of this seminal folk LP (that she recorded with her talented son, Oliver Knight) has been released some months ago. I posted previously 2 songs from this album on a fake single (here), maybe 2 among the greatest songs ever done (one was covered last year by the Unthanks), but i think it is useful to remind everyone the importance of this record, so I decided to post it entirely (since it seems the links in folk's blogs are dead). It will be a welcome addiction to Mandy Morton's if you did not know Lal Waterson. Her voice is very different, more in a Billie Holiday/Karen Dalton mood, but totally idiosyncrasic actually. She died in 1999, at 55 yrs, after a last record called A Bed of Roses. Sad that 2 of the greatest folk singers disappeared from view so early. Meanwhile, folk the cradle of your sadness with this mother's voice. The above cover is maybe the one of a limited CD edition. It's better than the official one below. Below again is the limited vinyl edition one. The rip is not prime quality (only 256 kb) so buy the album then.

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Phoebe. Phoebe, don't look on helplessly. Cannot you see this tangle of three. Oh my Harvey stop and stay with me. Feel how our knees buckle beneath, See how the trees bow down in safety. Phoebe, don't look on helplessly. Cannot you see that heart has been broken, And comes with no rider in slow motion. Phoebe, don't look on helplessly. Cannot you see this tangle of three.


Rob said...

This is one of my favorite records. It's nice to know other people like it.

ké said...

Bonjour, l'autre nuit, hanté par les deux chansons postées précédemment, j'ai voulu réécouter cet album. Porté disparu sur mon disque dur et le lien est mort, triste débandade. Une mise à jour serait le bienvenue.

Bravo pour ce blog, bonne continuation et merci pour tout!

Ké said...

Merci beaucoup!

pasty90 said...


Could you re-up this one please?


dkelvin said...

No need, the link is good