Liquor Tricks - The Beautiful EP (2005)

Here the first of a series of posts featuring unreleased or shelved or withdrawn or issued decades later EPs or LPs. And the first is a fantastic surprise. Here's the story. Some months ago, I posted an LP of Liquid Tricks (here), their apparently only one, but a fantastic one. In the comments, one week ago, there was a comment by a (ex) member of Liquid Tricks who told me that they had recorded an EP with the band in 2003, mixed and mastered in 2005, but never released. He added a link to the EP to dl it. And when I listened to it, I was stunned by the quality of this EP, one of the best thing I heard in the noise movement, and honestly I can say I heard most of it. Since there was not cover sleeve, I did it (from a picture by Zensen) and post it tonight, to end beautifully this fucking sinister year. Please, dl it, it's a real gem. You won't regret it. There will be more to dl soon by various bands who faced refusals by stupid A&R men or label bosses. Enjoy this here. And thanks again for this wonderful gift. They will be remembered as a great band.

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Noise Floor said...

excellent! petite perle ce skeud!

dk said...

Je veux. Et surtout inédit au possible. Les bonheurs des blogs ces contributions des musiciens eux mêmes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad people like it!

I'm happy someone can finally hear it.