Madness - 12 songs in... 15 parts (The Don't Adjust Your Nuts Live UK Tour) (2010)

Madness offers us a splendid present with 13 songs from their recent UK tour entitled the Don't Adjust Your Nuts tour. They entitled this free dl LP 12 songs of Madness in 13 parts but since they previously proposed (also free, these guys are really 1st class I must say) 2 songs from this same tour, I gathered the 15 on the same file and changed the title in 12 songs of Madness in 15 parts. Moreover I'm quite surprises (and deceived) that they didn't follow the setlists orders on this compilation, this being very important cos' a Madness show is a little bit similar to a fiction movie with a given progression in the climax culminating with the incredible "Nighboat in Cairo", here captured on their last night at London and really stunning. So here you have the complete available songs from this tour (15) with a light setlist (each Madness show includes about 25 songs) in the right order. This is the music you need to save your Xmas day if you're alone at home, and to make it still funnier if you're with your family. Enjoy this proof that fun and intelligence can walk hand in hand, here.

My Girl (not the My Girl you know but a new one, with a splendid Motown flavour, I think the next Madness album will be something)
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