Peter Hammill - Film Noir / Seven Wonders 7" (1983)

The third re-up for today. As for the previous ones, I improved the cover sleeve, here one I did myself (sorry I can't remember the actress and the film noir it's driven from). I rather like it. Hope you do too. Not the best of Hammill's singles but anyway it deserves to be added to the other ones. Catch it here.

After "The Polaroid" in 1979 (here), "My Experience" in 1981 (here) and "Paradox Drive" in 1982 (here), "Film Noir" will be a new attempt of Peter Hammill to exist in terms of single artist (in both acceptions of the term). But it failed. Honestly, this song is not really a major one to say the least. This single is more worthy for the fact that the B-side ("Seven Wonders") would be an unreleased one until the CD version of Enter K will be issued. You can hear (unfortunately) the 80's flavor on it but the David Jackson sax makes it more sapid that it could have been. The lyrics are still about one of the main obsessions of Peter Hammill (and mines): the non permanence of things, of life, time's passing. An addition for your future Peter Hammill singles As and Bs compilation that you'll get at the end of this series. Since there was no cover sleeve with this single (at least I think cos I got none), I did a one inspired by the text.

Seven Wonders. Well, it must have been here somewhere,that which the culture highly prized: the list of ancient buildings, the attitude of mind, the wisdom of the prophets, the catalogue of books.... You can't get off it, you don't know where to look. I know you don't know what to say and it's strange now, see how everything's changed, including the Seven Wonders. Nothing is permanent here. New kick, new game, new theory, the rest reduced to nought: it only takes a moment, one clear and lucid thought. Once the process has been triggered all previous process disappears.... I don't know what it is you fear, I don't know what it is you fear - the shift is nothing to be afraid of. Strange now, see how everything's changed, including the Seven Wonders. Nothing is permanent here, that's part of the spell we're under. Getting old then, say when you're happy to hold your personal Seven Wonders. Nothing is permanent here.

Seven Wonders
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