Peter Hammill - My Experience / Glue 7" (1981)

A re-up of this single only in its UK version this time (on the NL version there was another driven-from-Sitting Targets B-side, "What I did"). The ooprtunity to repeat that "Glue" is a gem. Catch it here. Sorry no sonor teaser since tilidom is closing and there's none of these two songs on dailymotion or youtube.

Back to blog's affairs after a too long break for work's reasons. And I must admit I'm in a Peter Hammill monomaniac period (one every year for the last 40 ones). So, nothing new in this single (all the songs are extracted from the splendid Sitting Targets LP) except that many ignore that this single was released in 2 versions, one with "Glue" on the B-side, another one with "What I Did". Released between "The Polaroid"(here) and "The Paradox Drive" (there), it went of course largely unnoticed at the times (we are in may 1981 and it's the beginning of the awful new wave) and we can say that it's a true forgotten single.

Peter Hammill on stage in 1981

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