Spriguns - Revel, Weird & Wild (1976)

A re-up to complete Mandy Morton collection. This is the second Spriguns album, and even if it's far from the grandeur of Magic Lady and Sea Of Storm (too trad. folk and narrative for me), there's the voice of Mandy Morton and some very good parts or songs (such as "When Spring Comes In"). Catch it here.

The most dl album of this blog is Magic Lady by Mandy Morton (here). I agree this is one of the best of the ones I posted here but I can't deny I'm quite surprise by this success. I also posted the next one, Sea Of Storm (here) and the previous one, published under the name of the Spriguns and entitled Time Will Tell (here), the band from which she was the lead singer, but they don't reach of course the same level of excellence than did Magic Lady. The LP she released (again with the Spriguns) before Time Will Tell is surely the best after Magic Lady. Completely in the folk tradition of the seventies but more on its doomy side (Comus, Strawbs) although apparently softer and happier, it's a nice collection of songs. Of course it surely can be found on folk-specialized blogs but here it is to complete your Mandy Morton discography. If it's more uneven than Magic Lady (here some songs should have been better omitted), it's still the proof what a great folk singer was Mandy Morton, and more than that, one of the most striking artist of the last 50 years. Many consider her vocal tone is too monotonous and distant, but this is what I enjoy in her, this neutral way of singing that does not stand between the song and the listener. It's this way and this way only that something of the old manner to see life can emerge and that the past can become our present mood. Very emotional for me was to discover than in June 2009, Mandy Morton, now a radio journalist, interviewed Melanie (Safka of course). My 2 fave female singers in the same studio. I would have loved to be here and to tell them how they were great. You can listen to that discussion here for part 1, then the 4 other parts are indicated.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Spriguns.
This band passed me by somehow - never heard of them.

dk said...

Hope you'll like. Don't miss the Mandy Morton albums.

Anonymous said...

Just want to register my thanks for reposting these. Will the other Spriguns and Mandy Morton offerings be forthcoming? I'm thinking of The Mandy Morton Band and Jack with a Feather, in particular. This is a great site and you take good care of it. Keep up the good work!