Windhand - Practice Space EP (2010)

Sorry for those who come here for fishing some 70's or 80's old shit, I'm again in a sludgy doom period these days. And tonight one of the rare stoner doom band to have found its way to my hypothalamus (usually they stop at my ears). They're from Virginia and their singer is a female, which is quite my present taste these times (soon to come, the impressive Undersmile). A Kyuss meets Electric Wizard way to approach the genre. Could have been done in the seventies actually but nothing too plagiaristic. A flavor that was missing in my world lately. I really dig this sound A personal inclination since I was a kid and listened to the Paranoid LP. This is not a real EP but a demo, but it's much better than most of the usual CD releases. So take it here before everybody. You will say "I was the first". Their myspace there (I forget too often, sorry).

Winter Sun

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