Alex Harvey & Rock Workshop - (Almost) Complete Recordings (1971)

As requested yesterday, a re-up of this collection of songs by Alex Harvey in his pre-Sensational Alex Harvey Band days. Anything by him being a precious gift, it is with pleasure that I offer it again. Catch it here.

In 1970, Alex Harvey formed Rock Workshop with Ray Russell. The band became an expansive band of 13 musicians who played a sort of Chicago Transit Authority meets Blood Sweat & Tears crossover with more madness than these 2 US bands, you can trust Alex for that. It was also much more jazz-influenced than could be these US bands (a UK trend with bands such as Nucleus), and surely this limited the commercial success of their first album although it's full of energy and Alex is vocally exactly the Alex we would all love 3 years later with SAHB. Unfortunately the album consisted only in 5 songs with Alex on vocals and is quite unsatisfactory for his fans. Here, I decided to gather all the songs, and all the versions of the songs I found on the CD reissued of the 2 Rock Workshop LPs (on the second Alex was no more here but they included some alt versions of songs recorded for the first one and also a new one "Let my Bluebird Sing"). I added an instrumental "Ashen Besher", cos', real or not, I think it's an Alex one. The whole is a 14 songs pack I think is a welcome addition for Alex addicts. I did the cover sleeve. On the back sleeve, it's an Alex picture, although he's difficult to recognise him.

Wade in the Water (album version)

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bobbynoir said...

I would be intrested in a re-up of Alex Harvey and Rockworkshop
He is such a scottish hero

thanks & regards
Tim Black