BIIPIIGWAN - God's Hooks (2010)

A great US band mixing noise and sludge in a stunning way (not sure the name is really a good one but we'll do with it). It's one of the best surprise of the last weeks and I'm sure it will stand quite a long time. If you're in Converge you'll surely appreciate. But for me, it's more sapid since the sludgy dimension is much more present. If you're in a quite disgusted mood and full of hate for humankind, it's quite a good thing to listen to I assure. Buy the solid version if you like the LP here please. They deserve it and we need bands like this to survive. Try it beforehand here.

In War

tilidom file storage

A nice video for an older song


A.C. said...

Great band; actually from Ottawa, Canada. Just saw 'em play last weekend. Earplugs definitely a must.

Dan Robichaud said...

Yeah man, some of the heaviest shit in the Great White North. New album Nibaak just came out. Crushing!