Blue Aside - The Orange Tree EP (2010)

If you think not possible to mix the best of Black Sabbath, High Tide, Iron Butterfly and Pink Floyd with sludge and doom (more specifically Yob, Sons of Otis, Boris) without sounding old time boring nostalgic stuff, listen to this record, one of the best things to emerge in the late months. There are so many strenghts in the music of this Boston trio that it would need a long long text to describe it correctly. All I can say it's that it will become one of these records that you can't get off during days and days for many of you. Unfortunately it seems they don't propose any other way to get this EP than on itunes (?). Hope they will offer the opportunity to buy it in vinyl or CD format. If you want to support the band, please dl it in a payment way, it's in better compression than the one I found (181 kb). Enjoy here.

Otis' Sun
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