Consciousness Removal Project - Did You Ever Think It's The End Of The World? (2010)

Shit. Discovered some days earlier, this fantastic LP would have been in my list of the best LPs of the year and at least one of the tracks among the selected for my Bloody Hell Faves. This Finish band apparently led by a young man plays the best atmospheric doom since Omega Massif. Moreover, they dare to use totally unusual instruments and sounds (electric piano, sax) that seem strangely completely natural. And they create (I thought it was no more possible) new and sublime riffs and themas, in a genre that has been quite overcrowded by post-Mogwai & Pelican imitators. Their last album should really be possible to buy given its quality, but it's freely dl on their bandcamp site here (they decided some days ago to shut their myspace, it seems the new one is a nightmare for users, stupid idea of all these space providers to always change for worse, are they totally dumbass or what?). Sorry for those who come here for oldies, I'll post some soon, but during these awfull X-mas and New-Y festivities, doom is the only thing I can listen to if I want to still be alive next week. Enjoy this masterpiece here.

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