Diesto - High As The Sun (2009)

Contrary to what the cover sleeve may suggest, this is not desert stoner rock à-la-Kyuss but real heavy Melvino-doom with something actually less urban indeed and more, much more melodic. The vocals are very clever, using a vast spectrum of modulation. The guitars sometimes find the mysterious sonority of the best Paranoid LP tracks (eg. on "Waiting For The Fall") and it's jubilatory. All in all, a superb way to mix the Sabbath heritage with something more tribal, with a warrior dimension that make you want to get your fingers out of your ass and do the revolution. Maybe one day before leaving my bones or ashes (did not choose) to posterity. Enjoy this masterpiece here. Hope they'll do another one soon. Their myspace here. If you like it, please support them and buy the dl version or more likely, the CD version ont heir bandcamp page there.

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