Free - Stealer / Lying in the Sunshine (1970)

Let's try again to post a Free single. The next after biiiiiiiiiiip Right Now. It was a big disappointment for the band who was sure to have a gem (and it is) but it failed to reach the same chart altitude than All biiiiiiiiiip Now. Worst of all, the B-side was a weak track from the Free LP whereas it would have been better to put another song from Highway, the album following the single some weeks later, with still less success. We were in the Autumn of 1970 and it was the end of a incredibly brief honeymoon between Free and success. It's true that the band seemed to suicide with a bunch of so desperate songs full of regrets, tears and melancholy. But this was as they were. Authentic. If they let it on, get it here on the single compilation. Not like All Right biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.

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roberto said...

one of the first singles i bought when i was a young kid (i was ten)and without knowing nothing of the band,only for the cover,the italian ps was another one from this two...great memories and a great a side,thanks.