Strawbs - Live at the Paris Theatre (1973)

The 7th live recording from Strawbs. All details below. The cover sleeve still made with an Alison Scarpulla picture. Suits so well with the climax of this band. Catch it here. Some more to come. PS. I just discovered some sites steal my live albums (with my do-it-myself cover sleeves) and sell them (???). WTF ??? See for example Ivave here or mclub there. Not sure to feel flattered. More angry that they make money with my work when I offer it for free. Greedy bastards are everywhere. Don't buy them things you can find on this blog. Ask me to re-up. It will be free. 

I try to post again a Strawbs record. Try cos' my last posts of this band were removed after a request by "don't know who" under the DMCA banner. Here is the first of concert series released on this blog. The sound is exceptionally good since it is taken from a radio take. This is the band in it's first period line-up, that means with Hudson and Ford (but also with Dave Lambert), caught 4 months after the release of their Bursting at the Seams successful LP. But the band had only weeks to live before splitting. It's an interesting testimony of the songs as they were played with this formation, to be compared with their interpretation with the next one. Personally, I find that the concert is weakened by the Hudson and Ford songs, such a different climax than the intense and oppressive Cousins ones. It would have been a benediction if Cousins had been more tyrannic like a, for example, Ian Anderson or Peter Hammill. Nevermind, this is a prime choice to taste.

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Great quality, thank you very much.