Maegashira - The Stark Arctic (2008)

Released more than 1 yr ago, this LP is stunning and I missed it for a reason I ignore. It's a gem. If you like your doom as it was played by Sleep in their formative years but also bands like Switchblade, the whole with a stoner feeling, you will love this more than anything else cos' this band success in mixing these 3 styles (don't forget the Melvins on "Ammonia for Sweat"). You can travel far, far away with such a powerful music. Leave all the filth behind you and fly in cold but peaceful places. It's at the same time introspective and cosmogonic, a kind of quality that you can't find in other styles than stoner doom. Strangely this US band sounds sometimes more like a Nordic one but I doubt any band could be so bluesy when they get stoner and still reach such a high level when they are atmospheric. The 22 min of the last track ("Back To Muro") is really fantastic, growing in your ears like a snake, one of the best doom sound creature since "Jerusalem/Dopethrone" with a Khanate influence that gives it something totally terrifying. This is apparently their first LP and they deserve to be strongly supported. Get it here and go to their myspace to buy it in CD for only 8$ there.

Back To Muro

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