Ominous Black - Repressed memories of the collective subconscious EP (2010)

How many more fantastic bands in the further months? Iit's a real paradise time for hell's music lovers as I am (for 20 years now, quite a part of my life actually). Here again an ear orgasm with this US band and this 3 tracks EP. All the Sleep heritage mixed with the Neurosis one in a sapid and terrific mixture with something of Khanate in the vocal's approach. There's even something of the best math-rock (old Don Caballero, not the boring descendants). You see it's not the usual "let's doom as others did before us" style (so many, and often congratulated by unexplainable positive critics by specialized blogs and webzines). Nothing to add that this is a necessary EP to have. Go on their bandcamp page to hear it and support them. Meanwhile enjoy it here.

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