Alkahest - s/t EP (2010)

Sorry, you might say that I find gems everywhere and that with age my sense of discrimination is weakening but I really think this US band did here a great EP (not released on a solid support but that can be freely dl on their bandcamp, see below). It's post-rock doom at its best, with a splendid flavor of the ancient doom of the Paradise Lost era (on "Labrador"). Most of the usual traps are avoided with a persisting intensity throughout the long tracks. And the screaming voice brings an added intensity that often bands of this movement lacks. Moreover, the guitar takes very celestian solo à-la Bill Nelson (Be-Bop DeLuxe). And the drumming is impeccable (with very strange slowering pace on "Milk & Morphine"). Hope to have more from them soon. Meanwhile, enjoy your sadness with Alkahest here.

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