Cockney Rebel - In live and on radio (1974)

A third re-up following a visitor's request. Happy to see that these old-times bands are not totally forgotten. I fear that when my generation will be reduced in ashes, not much will survive of all this fantastic music the seventies offered. But that's the way things go. Most rock stuff will disappear in oblivion. Meanwhile, let's taste this famous testimony of what a great band Cockney Rebel was in its first configuration. Not much has been better for me. Here.

I reup this post with another version of the recordings, enhanced, and with a missing track from the live set at the Hippodrome for the BBC, "Hideaway". They are from the new 4 CD boxset released some weeks ago. Much more on this boxset, I encourage everybody to buy it, it's cheap and features the B-sides from the band's singles and, most of all, the Human Menagerie demo (I think I will post here since it fits well with the philosophy of this blog). Of course, this is a gem and I can't feel anything but sad that Steve Harley disbanded so quickly this Cockney Rebel's first incarnation. What a special thing this band was, it's incredible.

Bloody hell, the devil knows I've loved this band in 1974. I was 16 (it's the best age for loving music I think) and I discovered the band with "Mr Soft" (on Tops of the Pops) while in England. But at this time, the great line-up was over and I always thought it was one of the greatest loss in rock history to have disbanded this 5 boys band who invented such a novative way of doing something of this old suit that was rock. I always considered Cockney Rebel to be better than Roxy, Bowie, Mott or Sparks. But it was only a flash in the pan. Here the rare documents of them playing tracks from their 2 1st albums outside of a studio. Actually, the second recording was made in a studio, but the one used by John Peel for his Peel Sessions. The songs played are 5 from Psychomodo (one of my 5 best albums of all time) and it's a tremendous feeling to hear them played by their creators and not by the mercenary band that would back Steve Harley the year later. The 4 1st tracks are from a concert (which one, I dunno) recorded by the BBC. The versions of "Sebastian" and "Death Trip" (in streaming below) are totally devastating and make me shivering each time I listened to them. Was there better lyrics in rock history than the ones in "Death Trip"? I don't think so. Each line is written in my own cortex for the rest of my life. And "Can you think of one good reason to remain" will surely be my last thought before I die. Why the rest of the concert has never been released, it's a mystery (and a shame)? These recordings were issued some years ago on an album called Live at the BBC, but with a bad order, and coupled with recordings done in the nineties by Steve Harley, and I really hate that. So here are they in their owns, with a (virtual) side for each. It is totally delicious, a must-hear.

So now we're on a death trip listen to the blood drip oozing from a curled lip ever thought of dying slowly ever thought of dying totally unholy someone's trying to fool us maybe it's their daughters can you hear the Walrus offering a sad solution he's calling out for teenage revolution and "Can you think of one good reason to remain?" to you, afficianados fooling with bravado to keep me on my guard-o and cause a consciousness explosion it's getting difficult to keep my mind in motion images of sunshine lease to make the words rhyme let me die in eight time let me write a tale to no-one let me write a tale to make you think you're someone and "Can you think of one good reason to remain?" We'll grow Sweet Ipomoea to make us feel much freer then take a pinch of Schemeland and turn it into Dreamland "softly, Lautrec," she whispered in awe, "build me a picture of children at war"


Anonymous said...

Hi all, im Neba, and i made cover for Death trip live song from '74.Check it out on this link :

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
Star Truckin' 75 Tour
Groenoordhal, Leiden, The Netherlands
14th August 1975
( Radio Broadcast ). Excellent quality. Just let me know by return comment and I'll post it on Mediafire.

Thanks for all the nice music you share.

Derek from Paris

dkelvin said...

Of course I am (bien sûr je le suis).
Et si possible, j'aimerais pouvoir le poster ici ensuite.
Merci d'avance

Anonymous said...

Here you are, my friend !


And it would be my pleasure if you think the quality is good enough to share it on your blog. And thanks to the original poster on guitars 101 forum somewhere sometime ago.

Merci de m'indiquer si le download a fonctionné.

Bien amicalement,

Derek from Paris

dkelvin said...

Thanx a lot a lot a lot beaucoup
Sound's very good and even if it's unfortunately the second CR formation it's a precious document. I'll post it very soon. Solidarité blognationale.

grantwe said...

Thanks for the Steve Harley, heard Sebastian and Death Trip on the radio one night and was sold. One of my favorites bands that no one knows.

sam fisher said...

That's really good ,i will definitely add it to my public music library at Songdew ,there any one can share and listen to music which they like .as it is a huge collection you can find almost any song you like . enjoy.............nice day.

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

Hey much thanks for the music history on one of my favorite bands. I never even realized there had been 2 line-ups. I became a fan after seeing the 5 man band at the Peel sessions mentioned above when I lived in London in the 70's. We used to hang out at the Paris Theater in Lower Regent Street and saw many great bands for free. Purple, Zeppelin, Floyd, too many to mention, they all did the Live Peel Sessions at the Paris. Any chance of a re-up so we can enjoy it again. Cheers.

dkelvin said...

Oh yes sure I re-up it as as possible
Happy that there are other Cockney Rebel fans still alive on this planet.

Mike said...

Tks a lot friend. Listening to Split by the Groundhogs right now. Pretty sure I was in the audience for that one. These Peel Sessions were always a treat. Tight sound, intimate audience (200 max)

Mike said...

Hey thanks.

zappahead said...

Thanks for sharing this....didn't realise it was still up....very much obliged....thanks.