DePrator - s/t (2010)

Shit, I am still able to like this kind of US-folk/rock Neil Young-influenced Little Feat-tainted Dinosaur Jr-derived music !!! What a surprise. I would have bet that my ears would be totally musicproof for such a load of rubbish but no. DePrator has something that caught me at the instant moment I listened to the 1st song of this 5 track EP (Every god for himself). But it's true last year (actually in 2009) I was fond of Boat and of the last Jay Reatard LPs. Not the same kind of stuff here but as sapid. More artisanal maybe and americana-flavored but really this is a refreshing sign that this music has still something to bring to our times. I forgot to say they're from Ohio and that their myspace's here. Enjoy it here. Trust me it's very good.


Superheavysounds said...

Thanks for the post.

New Godstopper music up @ godstopper.bandcamp.com

dk said...

Oh great, a new Godstopper. I did a promo paper too in a French music mag. Hope it's the beginning of something