Fister - Bronsonic (2011)

Back with a hellish album for sure and one of the first great of the year. With a sound that reminds me the best Fudgetunnel with an Amphetamine Reptile label fragrance (notably the fantastic Bastards), this is pure sludge noise, thick and muddy as we all like it (not sure those who come here for Barry Ryan or Melanie like it but who knows). Seminal as few are when you need something to hear that ease your desire for killing everyone around around you (and they often deserve it I must admit). Instead of Charles Manson, they chose the Charles Bronson devil imagery. Nice shot. But the music is what's great in this US band. If you want a version with 11 tracks (bonus & demos) you can buy it on their bandcamp (see below or here). I strongly encourage you to do it cos' of course it's a political act, if you can afford it (and not everybody can, contrary to what the usual anti-blogs say). Enjoy this gem here. I must recognize I took this LP from Nola 504 (there, where you have more details about the band and the LP).

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