Free - Live at Sunderland (1970)

After the recent re-up of the Croydon show, here's the Sunderland one. both providing the material for the official Free Live album. Don't remember where I found the songs from this show since only 6 were released on the Island Remasters 12 in 2002. Anyway, this is great stuff for sure. Free always in my heart until death will free me from life. Catch this Live LP here.

In January 1970, 4 months before they became superstars with "All Right Now", Free was a band with a strong following, but considered a serious and respectable heavy blues à-la-Cream band, not a pop one. All that will contribute to their considerable success is here, ready to explode, so idiosyncrasic, so palatable, so unique. This concert was apparently splitted in 2 sets, with "All Right Now", not released in single as I said above, played twice, in 2 very different versions. It was a sign that the song was to become something since the audience requested it again. But there are so many gems here (and songs that would disappear from their live setlists soon after, although they were prime cuts for the stage) that it would be totally absurd to reduce Free to this song, not played at its best in this concert. This concert would provide 2 years later 2 tracks of their posthumous Live album (before the reformation): the 1st version of "All Right Now" (on the vinyl you could hear the end of a T. Rex song ("Ride A White Swan") but no more on CD, too sad) although the second is much more energy-fueled and the audience goes crazy, and "The Hunter" in a devastating version. The other songs would be taken from a later concert that I'll post here also in its more complete version, but not too soon, you need time to appreciate each one. However, Paul Kossoff is here in great form and take some incredible solo (listen to the one in "Songs Of Yesterday" for example, and the amazing one on "Moonshine", that he co-wrote, the greatest economist in notes who ever played guitar). What's fabulous in this band, it's that they are strong enough to propose such a doom blues track like "Moonshine" that is surely the cradle of depressing rock. It's crazy the Island bosses didn't put it on the Live album, it would have became a classic to place near "Since I've Been Loving You". And the emotion is otherwise more striking that in Led Zeppelin. PS. Sorry, I did a mistake. "Trouble on Double Time" follows "Moonshine". But too late to change. Change the order yourself if you want to respect the order of the setlist. PPS. The sound is excellent.

Sitting in a graveyard Waiting for the dawn Leaning on my tombstone Till the night is gone Oh how the moon Hangs in black sky Wish i could find out The reason why I sit here alone And cry My woman was so lovely Together we were one No sunshine in my weary eyes Now that she has gone Oh how the moon Hangs in black sky Wish I could find out The reason why I sit here alone And cry Palm trees whisper to me From your spreading height Tell me all the loney stories Of the world at night Oh how the moon Hangs in black sky Wish I could find out The reason why I sit here alone And cry


Claudião said...

hello my friend. I had a part of this show in CD, but, as defect of the cd, I cannot use any more. I have another cd, also with defect of another show of the "FREE" in the same year 1970 carved in " Sunderland January 1970 ". Will it be that you would have or he knows where with you?
Very grateful.

Claudião said...

Excuse, the show for what I am looking is in " Croydon, September 13, 1970 "

ananiagiampiero said...

please a valid link to download this historic show

Happydays123 said...

A big thank for posting this Free album. Much appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up?


dkelvin said...

Link's working (M)

softshoebanana said...

Absolutely fantastic, this blows the official live album out of the water.
Free truly were an excellent band, pity about Bad Co.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!