Great American Desert - Land Of Tears (2003)

Here a totally unusual album, with a story quite similar to the one of the one-man band Rameses in the seventies. The leader and one-man band of this entity was Jeremy Christner, and is a luciferian who seems to be more interested in this philosophy for the last 7 years than in music. You can read all about that here. However, this album is a fascinating piece of music without much to be compared to. More Eno meets Kim Fowley meets Simon Finn meets Joy Division meets Gothic meets Dark metal than anything else. All songs differ completely of one another and most are seminal. The voice can be totally soft and impersonal and became gutturally demoniac in a second. Most of the music is accoustic but distorted guitars occur here or there. It has been recently re-issued and it's a good thing since it's one of these albums that we shouldn't forget. Enjoy it here. You can read the lyrics there. Honestly, they're not my cuppa blood. Below, an image from David Magitis (not Lucifer but Baphomet but who care)

A Crevice of the Holy
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A Crevice of the Holy. Look into my eyes, I swear you will not find a spark of soul. Hidden In a crevice of the holy But not beyond my sight. Hide well, Young one. Or soon you will be Unholy like me.

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