Str.... - Heartbreak Hill (1978)

I'm in a Str... period you can bet with my last posts. And if I'm not stopped by any coercitive removal, I'll follow on the times it will last. Here, not a live recording but an album that could have been the follow up to Deadlines in 1978 (a very weak album I must say except for the 2 last fantastic songs) but was finally not released. Not because the label refused it but because David Cousins left the music scene to provide his services as a strategy man for radios. Sad cos' it was, if not a great album, at least a good one. The main problems are due to the sound options of this period. In 1978 it was really hard to appreciate music given these synthetic sonor textures in particular of keyboards. But Dave Cousins was again inspired bu his best muses, and some songs in it were very good. You can feel new influences, such as the Beach Boys or Steve Harley, and the doom dimension is not so pregnant it was (but remember that in 1978 there was a total rejection of this atmosphere). Don't imagine the band is similar to the previous classic line-ups. Except for Chas Cronk, they were all newcomers. Not sure that they were the best to be the backing band of Dave Cousins songs. I changed the cover sleeve. Actually, the cover sleeve was never conceived I think and the later issues under various titles had rather ugly cover sleeves. It seems this version is the definitive one but I can't be sure. Enjoy this forgotten LP here.

Heartbreak Hill

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Anonymous said...

Definitely prefer your cover. In fact, really everything after Deep Cuts through Blue Angel were pretty damned ugly, or at least strangely inappropriate. Took away some of the magic.