Khanate - No Joy EP (2003)

I just realised today that there's no Khanate stuff on this blog. Not a normal thing since this band is maybe the one I found the most fascinating during the 1st decade of this century. I got no rarities from them and the thing I can assimilate the more to something unusual is this EP released in 2003, a James Plotkin remix of "No Joy", a track from their first self-titled LP. The second track (B-side if you want), "Dead", is an unissued from the same LP sessions. It's totally genius and was the support of a video clip (a promo shot for a film I think was never done) that I put below and which is quite "interesting". Khanate have never been replaced and their influence is to be found in almost everything new and strong released these late years. Not to be forgotten, and maybe to be discovered if you didn't know them. Begin with Things Viral if you want to choose among their 4 LP. Enjoy here (taken from an Evil Wave post)

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