Strawbs - Live at the Ultra Sonic Studio (1974)

The 6th re-up of a live Strawbs set. I didn't remember to have posted so much. Great blog indeed... no I'm joking. However this is the blog I would like to find if I was just a web surfer. This is one of the best live recording of the band so I encourage anybody to catch it here.

I should have posted this one before the Golder's Green Hippodrome concert since it was played 2 months before. I must say this is one the best live sets I've ever heard from the band. This was played in a radio studio in New York, and it can be considered as a public presentation of their new album, Hero and Heroine (yes dear Strawbs lovers, once it was a new album presented by the band when now it's an eternal classic). And honestly, it's much better than the versions they gave at the GGH in April. The band is tighter and the keyboards are more subtile and like they were played on the album. Even the Bursting at the Seams songs are better than at the GGH. Never the band will be better than on this show, and the sound of the recording is superb. Not to be missed. And more to come if I'm not stopped in my Strawbs hommage on this blog.


Britinvdon said...

Thanks for the Quart of Live Strawbs! First heard Grave New World in a Friend of a Friend's Basement Apartment...

Anonymous said...

Well, well, what a day. I was appealed by your front cover pictures. In those days, I sometimes bought an LP just because of the cover. Well nowadays, again, I came to listen to the Strawbs for the first time in my life and am downloading these various concerts. Very nice indeed. Lovely music,

With great thanks for this discovery !

Derek from Paris

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for these suberb quality boots. Awesome!