Procol Harum - Live At Golder's Green Hippodrome (1977)

Third and last Procol Harum re-up for tonight. We discussed with Gary Brooker yesterday about the feelings he had about the band during this tour and why they all decided to quit. They were maybe no more the sparkling band that they were 3 years before but they could still provide high class music on stage. Catch it here.

A fucking good surprise to have discovered this late London concert, not far from the end of the band. I don't want to put too many live recordings on this blog but for my fave bands and if the sound quality is good enough (a pre-requisite), I find interesting to offer some of them. And although my memory of a concert seen in Paris during the same tour, left me a very bad impression (I quitted before the end of the set), I didn't find on this recording what annoyed me, the band playing wonderfully. Moreover, the live versions of the 2 tracks of the very bad Something Magic album, fit totally well.

No streaming cos the concert is in one part.

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