Strawbs - Live at the Calderone (1975)

With another cover sleeve conceived with a picture by Alison Scarpulla, another concert from the classic Strabs line-up except that the precious John Hawken was no more in the album neither on this tour. But as I said in the first post (see below) this is a very good set and deserved to be possessed by any amateur of the band. Catch it here.

We find here the band at the turn of its career, leaving his progressive folk-doom for a more mainstream rock style, having just released an LP called No Madness (the back of the self-made cover sleeve), the first without keyboards (John Hawken had leaved before the studio sessions of the LP) and a rather weak one. Surprisingly, this live set seems totally under the Ghosts LP influence and not so much of their last one (only 3 songs from it). And it's really stunning to hear live "The Life Auction". Maybe the fact that Ghosts was quite a success in the USA led the band to play a large part of the setlist with it on his US tour. The sound is quite good but not enough to justify the release of this concert as an official LP sent full price (with a different cover sleeve so out of subject that I decided to do another one with once again an Alison Scarpulla picture). Enjoy this new testimony of the band's genius on stage.

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