Strawbs - Live at Sight and Sound (1978)

Fed up of this silly Str... appellation, I decided to keep on the real name from now, whatever will be the consequences. As requested by a visitor, here a late live recording of the band in a totally different line-up than in the Lyceum concert. I give more details about the content in the first post below. Catch it here. I think the cover sleeve I did is rather good but maybe I'm too much self-indulgent. I used a picture shot by Alison Scarpulla.

This is one of the last concerts the band did before splitting. The line-up was quite different from the classic Hero and Heroine one, only Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert and Chas Cronk being of the journey. This set was recorded for the BBC, for a show coupling radio and TV (if someone has videos from that, please post it on youtube). The main problem of this Strawbs period and line-up is some sound options, too dated today, with rather boring synths where mellotron was previously used. Moreover, the songs from the 3 previous LPs do not match the grandeur of the ancient ones. But the interest is that Dave Cousins has never sang with more anger and intensity than in this live testimony and this makes this recording a seminal one. It was released under 2 CD versions: a first called Live in London 1977 (with an additional song, "Lay Down"), but both omitted ""Sealed With A Traitor's Kiss" that was played on the show (why, I don't know). Sorry, I forgot to write "Cut Like A Diamond" on my self-made cover sleeve, but it was played, linked with "Simple Visions". All this makes a great addition to your Strawbs collections.

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