Undersmile - A Sea of Dead Snakes EP (2010)

Without any hesitation one of the best things released in the doom domain last year. An improbable mix between Babes in Toyland/Hole and Black Sabbath/Electric Wizard. Heavy as repression in tyranny but enlightened by the 2 female voices, it's an incredible mixture. And a half-female band who names one track instrumenstrual inspires our deepest respect. I'm quite sure they'll become widely successful but i'm often wrong so don't take it too seriously. Not one weak track on this collection, and the last on, "Spore" is a total killer (it was on my bloody hell faves of the year but you're quite few to have dl it actually). Enjoy it here but buy quick the solid CD version on their bandcamp.


.:§uperjunkhead:. said...

hows it going...I was hoping we can exchange links...check out my blog superjunkhead.blogspot.com
I post doom/stoner/post-rock...let me know if you're down for that


dk said...

I'm one follower of your blog since 5 min ago. No problem to exchange if it helps.

.:§uperjunkhead:. said...

much obliged!

Undersmile said...

Hey Dk,

Can you send us an email at undersmile@hotmail.co.uk? We'd love to send you a link to our new EP for you to do a lil review/feature.

Undersmile x