Vic Chesnutt - Live at the Lido - Berlin (2007)

Nobody asked me for this re-up but I do it anyway cos' tonight it's the only music I can listen to (specially the At The Cut album) and it's a shame that this Berlin live set is no more available on FS. Don't forget these artists who put into words and music the tragedy of human condition. Catch it here.

I must say that I have been quite late to find how I appreciated Vic Chesnutt, a sort of contempory Kevin Coyne with something of the doomest Neil Young in him and Peter Hammill's too. His last (in all senses of the term since he died soon after) album in 2009 was a true coup-de-coeur. And now I feel a little dumb to revisit his career. But this is how things are. Here is a concert that he played in Berlin on the 28 November of 2007 and you won't hear something more moving, intense and touching than this. And moreover with a rather excellent sound. The version of "Coward" played here is simply one of the most moving song you'll hear in your entier life, even if, like me you're an Alex Harvey, Peter Hammill, Kevin Coyne, Mark Perry and Jacques Brel fan. There is also a version of the Melanie-revised Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday" (mispelled on the self-made back cover, excuse me, it's too often these days) in an absolutely stunning version. Very happy that he introduces it saying it's a Melanie song. However most of the songs are from the North Star Deserter album. The format is in wma since when I put it in mp3 it becomes monstruously big. PS. I've also forgotten to add the last song, "Over" on the back cover sleeve. It's time to let this blog a little on the halt.

"Marathon", extracted from this concert

Some days before, in Vienna, the exceptional "Coward"


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Thank you!

Scott Tammaro said...

This is an incredible listen. Mucho thanks for sharing.

dk said...

Yes, I'll post more concerts from him in a near future.
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