Big Hurt - Comfort (2011)

You miss the Bastards, Drive Like Jehu, and Hotsnakes (or Liquid Tricks), here's the band for you (and actually for me). A good sound washing in the face, fresh energy, a bit dirty of course but a welcome electroshock to take us out of the morbid apathy doom music can lead us to. The most exciting thing I heard since the above mentioned bands, ones of my faves all styles and times, so you see what you must do: DL it as quick as you can. It's to note that the band is not a girly one contrary to what the cover sleeve may indicate. I suppose they wanted also that their cover breaks the rules and question the potential listener. I didn't find anything on this band on the net except their bandcamp here and their myspace there but all I know it's they've done a hell of album that I will (if I'm still alive, quite not sure) still fancy and promote in 10 years from now So enjoy it here.


Creedence Clearwater Revival - Live at Fillmore West 4th of July 1971 (1971)

In July 1971, contrary to what most of cover sleeves of this bootleg seems to indicate, CCR are a trio, Tom Fogerty was gone since February. Although the band is still tight and compact, and songs are often classics among classics, something's missing in this reduced format. In particular John Fogerty seems to have too much work in singing and playing rhythm and solo guitar parts. But the sound of this concert (the closing of the Fillmore West) is much better than most of the CCR bootlegs we can find here and there. Surely because it was recorded and broadcasted by KSAN FM. The setlist of this concert is quite similar to the Live in Europe released by Fantasy. The cover sleeve is derived from a painting by an Austrian guy called Jestsam42 (here his deviantArt gallery, and the whole painting below). Fits well with the music I think. This recording is posted in mp3 and in wma. The concert is in one part so I can't post singular songs. Enjoy it here.

The whole painting


Coffinworm - When all became none (2010)

Another gem. Not in the epic doom or noise genre here, but in the pure tradition of sludge, somewhere between EyeHateGod and Autopsy but never truly passeist. No. Sludge for the XXIst century. A bit like the great Thou. Exactly what we need while nuclear pollution and civil wars are drawing a macabre and terrific picture of our (no)future. "Start Saving For Your Funeral" says one track title. Good one this one. But all are prime cuts. A future classic for you if you dig this style (and I'm sure some of you now get used to it, at least I hope). An antidote for the stupid and dull music that the record industry pours in our ears. They're US, from Indianapolis. I was there one night 2 years ago. Only in an hotel near the airport. But it seems this city begins to be a nest for great doom and sludge. I hope to get back there who knows. Meanwhile, enjoy this morbid hate LP here, and then get there to buy it in a correct quality, that means in a CD form.


Lauderdale - Life's a Beach (2008)

You won't listen something stronger that this band this year. From Canada, they mix doom and Today is the Day/Crow with a strenght quite rare. It's noise, it's sludgy, it's heavy and violent as our most intimate self-destructive instincts. Although 2 years old, I think this LP has been reissued recently. I would like to say that I listen to a load of LPs, EPs, demos (at least some minutes of them since I quickly know if they belong to my cuppa tea cupboard), and I post here the rares I think worth the listen and the support. Here's one of the best I ever heard. Quite a shock actually. Don't miss them. Yes, take the 70's old gems but stay connected to the best of today's music. And this is one of them. Without hesitation, discussion, opposition. Enjoy it here. And buy then.


John "Rabbit" Bundrick - Dark Saloon (1974)

After Free disbanded for the second time in 1973, John Bundrick aka "Rabbit", recorded a second solo LP, still less known and more forgotten than his previous one (Broken Arrows the previous year). Strange since it's really a good one, the kind of solo albums some were making a lot of money and reached celebrity with, but in this case, it's true there's, like with Todd Rundgren, something lacking in it to be widely popular. Good since what's lacking is what's making most popular albums quite shitty actually. And this one is not. If you love Al Kooper, you'll like this one, recorded with the bassist and the drummer of what will be Back Street Crawler. Actually, John Bundrick would have liked to record with Free members, Kossoff included, but they were not ready for that. So, here another recorded from the Free galaxy. And a unjustified forgotten one. Enjoy it here.


Ponds - Us & We EP (2011)

Sorry if you're heard (actually read) this one before but here's another great sludgy noise band. The perfect mixture between the Black Sabbath heritage and early Today is the Day's energy and complex constructions. The more years are driving me towards the fatal issue, the more I look back at my lifepath, the more I finally consider music, more than anyone on earth, will have been my greatest help for making this living not too heavy, and sometimes to bring me some consolation. This is the case tonight, when most people in my small universe are sources of problems, are making their so-called love and affection so selfish, or even show their putrid inside (this for those that I must talk to in my job space). Ponds are saving my evening with this EP (1st part of a 2 part-one) that is surely one of the strongest thing I heard these last weeks, specially "A New Hamshire Mirage", an incredibly strong number. They're from Massachusetts and I hope they'll do great other things. Enjoy here and then support them there in buying their stuff, it's an help you must contribute if you're not selfish bastards you too (and if you're not starving since even cheap can be expensive when you got nothing).


Rabbits - Lower Forms (2011)

Gosh, this band from Portland succeeds in being sludge, punk and noise, without sacrificing the quality of one of the 3 genres. Yes there is some Buzzov.en and Bastards in it, but also an incredible energy that revives the punk one, and also something of the modern experimental approach of noise (Lightning Bolt if you want). But it remains down to earth, dirty as diarrhea, thick as mud, stinky as vomit. It's one of these albums that you feel maybe nobody is able to do again, cos' it's crazy, not full of references, not based on a specific project, resulting from endless discussions about this sound or this riff. Spontaneity in its most glorious form. Don't know why they took this stupid name of Rabbits (I suggest they do a cover of "The Hunter", just for laugh), maybe a private joke, but nothing's a joke in this new LP freshly released. I don't know whether it's a good thing to post it here since it can be bought at Relapse, but if they ask, I'll remove. You know, my philisophy is you listen to this MP encapsulated version and then invest in the true shit, and here is a real album. You won't regret. It's a highpoint of the year as was the Daughters album last year at the same period. Enjoy here.


Steve Harley - No Bleeding Hearts Fake 7" (2010)

What a pleasure to have 2 recent great songs from Steve Harley to post. I must say that I am quite not a lover of his late career. Not that it's bad, but compared to his ancient grandeur, it's quite common. The last LP, Stranger Comes To Town is an uneven affair but there's more to enjoy than on the previous ones. And there's more ballads, violins, real intruments than on the previous ones. And also, there's the great Stuart Elliott on drums (yes the Stuart Elliott of the first Cockney Rebel era, he always appeared here and there in the Steve Harley discography but here he's constantly behind his sticks). "No Bleeding Hearts" has the charm of the best Dylan ballads and the long final is a "ô combien delicate" conclusion to this successfull composition. On the B side, I chose to put "The Old Man", almost similarly exquisite and thus you got a rather perfect couple of songs. Enjoy it here (I fixed the link correctly on 3/03, it was not initially). Then buy the album, there's enough on it to please you. The cover sleeve was conceived from a digital composition of Mario Sanchez Nevado, a Spanish artist you can see the gallery here.