Big Hurt - Comfort (2011)

You miss the Bastards, Drive Like Jehu, and Hotsnakes (or Liquid Tricks), here's the band for you (and actually for me). A good sound washing in the face, fresh energy, a bit dirty of course but a welcome electroshock to take us out of the morbid apathy doom music can lead us to. The most exciting thing I heard since the above mentioned bands, ones of my faves all styles and times, so you see what you must do: DL it as quick as you can. It's to note that the band is not a girly one contrary to what the cover sleeve may indicate. I suppose they wanted also that their cover breaks the rules and question the potential listener. I didn't find anything on this band on the net except their bandcamp here and their myspace there but all I know it's they've done a hell of album that I will (if I'm still alive, quite not sure) still fancy and promote in 10 years from now So enjoy it here.

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Frédéric Shinju said...

Merci encore pour cette agréable (?) découverte, Mr. DK.