Coffinworm - When all became none (2010)

Another gem. Not in the epic doom or noise genre here, but in the pure tradition of sludge, somewhere between EyeHateGod and Autopsy but never truly passeist. No. Sludge for the XXIst century. A bit like the great Thou. Exactly what we need while nuclear pollution and civil wars are drawing a macabre and terrific picture of our (no)future. "Start Saving For Your Funeral" says one track title. Good one this one. But all are prime cuts. A future classic for you if you dig this style (and I'm sure some of you now get used to it, at least I hope). An antidote for the stupid and dull music that the record industry pours in our ears. They're US, from Indianapolis. I was there one night 2 years ago. Only in an hotel near the airport. But it seems this city begins to be a nest for great doom and sludge. I hope to get back there who knows. Meanwhile, enjoy this morbid hate LP here, and then get there to buy it in a correct quality, that means in a CD form.


Frédéric Shinju said...

Great stuff! Heil Coffinworm! Keep on, dude!

Jean Rhume said...

Pouaf c'est terrible ce peugrou. Something inside le biniou is talking to me (le gars qui utilise un anglais parfait pour décrire les trucs). Non sans déconner, ça ne fonctionne pas toujours mais là, ça marche. C'est du lourd.

Anonymous said...

Much obliged, pardner.

Best regards.