Creedence Clearwater Revival - Live at Fillmore West 4th of July 1971 (1971)

In July 1971, contrary to what most of cover sleeves of this bootleg seems to indicate, CCR are a trio, Tom Fogerty was gone since February. Although the band is still tight and compact, and songs are often classics among classics, something's missing in this reduced format. In particular John Fogerty seems to have too much work in singing and playing rhythm and solo guitar parts. But the sound of this concert (the closing of the Fillmore West) is much better than most of the CCR bootlegs we can find here and there. Surely because it was recorded and broadcasted by KSAN FM. The setlist of this concert is quite similar to the Live in Europe released by Fantasy. The cover sleeve is derived from a painting by an Austrian guy called Jestsam42 (here his deviantArt gallery, and the whole painting below). Fits well with the music I think. This recording is posted in mp3 and in wma. The concert is in one part so I can't post singular songs. Enjoy it here.

The whole painting


iggy said...

Thanks very much for the Creedence, Dude. Glad you recovered the tapes after the car was stolen. Is there a Ralph's around here?


Willem Deetman said...

Hey man, still looking for a decent quality soundboard recording of a CCR concert as a 4-man band? Take a look here: http://www.filefactory.com/file/c34d7b3/n/CCR700131MidOTBayOakl-flc.rar
And don't forget to visit the original poster's blog; it's full of utterly forgotten songs in all kinds of versions, some of them long lost...