Free - Live at Croydon (1970)

Nobody asked me to re-up this one but I seeing this post has been recently often visited, I suppose it was for dling this extraordinary live set. And since it was removed with the big amount of other stuff in my rs account wreck, it is a good opportunity to re-up it. Time is flying away and these Free era seems archeology now when some years ago it seemed so present. It's what we call feeling old. But the genius of this band is still intact. Catch it here.

The band that plays these 2 shows in September 1970 here has nothing in common with the one who played in Sunderland in January the same year (see here). "All Right Now" has been a massive hit worldwide and the 4 young musicians (they hardly reach 20 years) have now a new audience full of female teenagers and live a quite strange situation, with their muddy and bleak hard blues for people waiting to dance to hard rock standards with a pop quality, that neither Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath had. Here, they suspended some days their studio sessions for the Highway LP, and play in Croydon in front of an hysteric audience. Songs from these 2 shows gave most of the Free Live LP the following year, and some more songs from this concert were added on the 2002 reissued/remastered version but only on the Songs of Yesterday boxset was the information if songs were recorded on the 1st or the 2nd show (how were they able to play 2 so intense sets in a row, it's a mystery for me). To compile this fake LP, I chose to include the versions from the boxset (most of the 2nd show) when there was another version on the Free Live LP. It's better to have rarest versions I think. I respected the order of the setlist (and the wrong announces at the end of some songs are surely due to a fake addition on the boxset to imitate a true concert since they are not listed this way on the setlists I got from various sources, note for example that they didn't play "Moonshine" at Croydon and it's announced at the end of "The Stealer"). Only missing "Songs of Yesterday" and "The Hunter", the latter closing the concert (sad they didn't put them both in the boxset). But all in all, it's an absolute gem to listen and listen to again. A precious band for eternity.


Chaz said...

Thank you very much! I can not stop listening this band. So amazing and single. Recently I formed a blues-rock band, our main influence is this incredible band .. Thank you for the boot. Take care, jou!

Anonymous said...

Hi Love Free.. Is it possible to post the Croyden & Sunderland shows in FLAC?



buzzbabyjesus said...

Thanks so much. "Free Live" has long been a favorite. More is more.

Private Beach said...

Thanks for this. Any chance that you could re-up the Sunderland show as well?